About Solibra System Montage GmbH

Solibra System Montage GmbH is a global expert in developing, engineering, building and operating large-scale renewable energy systems. We offer our worldwide customers turnkey solar systems from a single source and therefore we have successfully positioned ourselves as EPC contractor in the market.

Since 2009 Solibra System Montage GmbH is an international market player. In 2010 it has spun off as a company of the Solibra GmbH and has connected around 500 megawatts of PV systems to electricity grids worldwide since then. We installed projects on European markets like France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. Our competent team of highly skilled experts successfully combine speed as well as flexibility and highest quality in delivering projects.

Due to the fact that the Solibra System Montage GmbH is a privately held company and the shareholders are actively involved in the operational business, decisions will be made promptly. Our given hierarchy structure ensures flexibility by responding quickly to the continuous market changes and custormers’ needs.

Solibra System Montage GmbH is headquartered in Koblenz, Germany and is a dynamically growing company.