The frequency and scope of maintenance depend on the individual system and its usage. So, Solibra sets its focus on a low maintenance operation throughout the whole process. Consequently this enables us to guarantee a quick support around the clock on different levels of support and short reaction times. The scope of work may vary from the maintenance up to the operation of an entire PV-plant. We make sure that renewable energy is integrated into the existing supply system without any more blackouts.

Through years of experience in the field of photovoltaics we can refer to numerous professional partners throughout the renewable energy sector. Therefore Solibra provides highly specialized services in collaboration with a global network, such as:


  • IEC 62271 202; Inspection A and B with SF6 and air-insulated MS Systems
  • Protection class IP 24 d
  • Temperature class 20 und 10
  • EMV Inspection
  • Oil tightness verification

The constant quality evaluation through the stack test and the electrolyte test is Solibra’s prime focus. We always strive to progress, so that we can offer the latest technology to our customers. In addition to the stack test we also use the Membrane electrode assembly and always try to advance the optimisation in renewable energy systems further. A reduction of network expansion needs on distribution level and a more efficient use of the existing network structure also results from the permanent improvement.